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Benefits of New Seed


  • Highest quality and highest yielding product vs. bin-run
  • Meets quality standards of seed company: professionally handled and rigorously tested, germination tests to ensure peace of mind, weed-free
  • Reliable seed supply in many maturities
  • Access to the most elite germplasm

Economics of New Seed vs. Bin-Run:

  • Income lost by not selling as commodity grain (e.g. 1 bushel of bin-run seed multiplied by the price of a soybean bushel)
  • Average loss of ~ 10-15% cleanout at harvest for bin-run seed
  • Handling and transportation costs for bin-run (approx. $.35-$.75/bushel)
  • Bin-run planting rates are generally 15% higher than new certified seed
  • New seed yields an average of 1.8 bushel/acre more than bin-run (University yield trials range from 1.2-5.9 bushel/acre)

Limited Warranty Benefits

  • Dealer agronomic support before and after the sale
  • Risk management benefits of Roundup Rewards® (over $600 million paid to growers since.

New Innovations

  • Royalties provide research and development of new traits and higher yielding germplasm
  • Monsanto invests over $700 million per year on research and development
  • Monsanto is 100% committed to agriculture
  • New trait introductions: 7-9 years for commercialization and $50-$100 million in total costs for a new biotech trait
  • Seed companies and Monsanto are committed to our customers’ success

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